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What We Do

Welcome to RedFour, a full-service Orlando video & photo production company creating TV and brand campaigns that produce results. At RedFour, our focus is your story. Our goal is to enable you to tell your story to the world in a highly compelling and effective way. Our clients earn higher ROIs than industry average.

What does REDfour mean? The name REDfour came from understanding our place in the grand scheme of things. It is a call out to Luke Skywalker's wingman in the original Star Wars film, A New Hope. Red Four (John D. Branon) died in the attack on the Death Star helping Luke achieve his mission. Luke is the hero everyone remembers and all those that died in that battle remain nameless heroes for most people. Our clients are our Luke, our job is to be that nameless hero who helps elevate your brand to it's highest status. 

From script to screen, RedFour is your one-stop shop for producing engaging content. Need talent, studio, script writing, styling, performance metrics? We offer it all from Pre-Production to Media Performance.

From TV commercial to web video production and consulting, we strive to offer the highest quality service within your budget. We are proud to assist you in turning your unique ideas into captivating content for TV and the web.

Our Services

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Advertising - Commercial . Web Video . Social Media Campaign

Sales & Marketing - Product Demos . Brand Videos for Individuals and Companies

News - News Gathering . News Reporting . News Producing

Real Estate - Lifestyle Videos for Luxury Homes

Athletic - Featured Athlete Stories . Fitness Videos

Fashion - Live Events . Brand Videos

Travel - Hotels . Featured Destinations

Music - Music Videos



Corporate Headshots






Concept Development



Project Management



Location Scouting

Wardrobe Styling